Dr Pawan Rajpal

              Consultant Psychiatrist

              MBBS, DPM, M.R.C.Psych,

              PGDip, Mental Health Law

 "I want to inspire people i want someone to  look at me and say because of you, i didn't   give up!”





His mission to deliver evidence based interventions to people who are distressed. 

According to him, Emotional distress is a reflection of a person's inner turmoil. This can be helped and the pain can be reduced.

For too often, either just talking therapy or medication has been thought to be the panacea for all ills. A human being needs to be heard, understood and then offered help, the type he/she needs, not the type that's available

He worked as Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS, with Complex Health Needs service in BATH for 10 years,  working with highly skilled team, managing dual diagnosis and complex patients. He now brings his experience and skills at Priory hospital in Bristol and Harley Street London.

He trained in prestigious Guys and St Thomas Psychiatry rotation London and further specialised in Bristol Rotation. He has been an Honorary Lecturer in Dept. of Ethics University of Bristol, and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Law.

He has years of experience in helping people with Depression, Anxiety, Addiction problems and suffering from effects of psychological trauma. He is trained in EMDR to help people with these issues. 

He is a specialist in diagnosing and managing ADHD and  Aspergers/Autism in adults. 

He brings to his practise, knowledge Executive function deficits and recommendations that can make real difference in you life. 

 “Each time you fall down Just Get back up.If you Can Pick Yourself up you can also Move forward "                   —Dr D. ikeda