Psychological trauma is the effect on our minds when we are exposed to a very distressing event. We feel overwhelmed, helpless and its effects linger for many years, causing negative consequences. The traumatic event may get over, the individuals reaction to it, may not. It might continue to cause difficulties as well as lay the basis of more serious mental health problems. 

Some of the causes of Psychological Trauma

  • Harassment, bullying, being discriminated, in school or at work. 
  • Adverse childhood experiences, like being abandoned or being rejected, or being children of parents struggling with addiction issues.
  • Being in an abusive relationships, being emotionally or physically abused, or being victim of domestic violence, or bing a witness as a child

Being a victim of psychological trauma can cause feelings of being overwhelmed, feeling helpless, feeling entrapped, low self worth and reduced self confidence. This can increase the risk of developing mental health problems like anxiety, depression, eating disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and addiction. 


It is possible to help people resolve the memories of such traumatic events and reduce the ongoing effects of such painful past experience in present times. 

Dr Rajpal can offer Evidence based, NICE recommended treatment strategies for effects of such traumatic experiences. 

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